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Christopher Cedzich

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Christopher Cedzich

Institut für Theoretische Physik -- Quantum Information Group
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Appelstr. 2
30167 Hannover, Germany

Office: 010
Phone: +49 (0)511 762-17503
Email: christopher.cedzich@...
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Research Interests

  • Discrete Time Quantum Lattice Systems: topological classifications, gauge fields, localization phenomena, quantum walks


  • Asymptotic behavior of quantum walks with spatio-temporal coin fluctuations
  • Quantum Walks with Non-Orthogonal Position States
  • Propagation and spectral properties of quantum walks in electric fields
  • A quantum dynamical approach to matrix Khrushchev’s formulas
  • Bulk-edge correspondence of one-dimensional quantum walks
  • Revivals in Quantum Walks with quasi-periodically time-dependent coin
  • The topological classification of one-dimensional symmetric quantum walks
  • Complete homotopy invariants for translation invariant symmetric quantum walks on a chain
  • Quantum walks in external gauge fields
  • Eigenvalue Measurement of Topologically Protected Edge states in Split-Step Quantum Walks
  • Quantum walks: Schur functions meet symmetry protected topological phases
    • with:        T. Geib, F. A. Grünbaum, L. Velázquez, A. H. Werner, R. F. Werner
    • arXiv:      1903.07494
  • Anderson localization for electric quantum walks and skew-shift CMV matrices
    • with:        A. H. Werner
    • arXiv:      1906.11931
  • Singular continuous Cantor spectrum for magnetic quantum walks
  • Chiral Floquet systems and quantum walks at half period
    • with:        T. Geib, A. H. Werner, R. F. Werner
    • arXiv:      2006.04634

Conferences & Workshops

Supervision of Bachelor- and Master-Thesis

  • Uniform Sampling of Stabilizer States, Fabian Henze (Bachelor)
  • Bulk-edge correspondence for quantum walks of symmetry type DIII, Tobias Geib (Master)
  • Bulk-edge correspondence for one-dimensional quantum walks, Yannic Rath (Bachelor)
  • Quantum walks in magnetic fields, Christoph Stahl (Master)
  • Quantum walks in weak magnetic fields, Tobias Geib (Bachelor)


  • Tutor and/or exercise organization
    • Quantum mechanics II: Prof. Frahm
    • Theoretical physics for student teachers: Prof. Lein
    • Mathematical methods for physicists: Prof. Lechtenfeld, Prof. Dragon
    • Proseminar Theoretical Physics: Prof. Osborne

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