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Topics for Bachelor Theses

Below you find a suggestive list of topics for bachelor theses that are currently available in our group. If you are interested in any of them, or interested in general in writing a thesis in our group, just contact us!

Continuum Limits of Quantum Walks

Quantum walks are simple discrete quantum models that can approximate real physical systems such as relativistic quantum particles. But what about relativistic quantum particles in an external potential? If the particle is in an arbitrary field, can one take a meaningful continuum limit and get interesting physics?

Contact Person: Dr. Terry Farrelly

Quantum universal and classically simulable gate sets

Quantum computers are modelled by quantum circuits consisting of certain elementary operations, so-called quantum gates. Several gate sets have been proven to be universal for quantum computation. On the other hand, gate sets that can be simulated by classical computers are also known to exist. What criterions do they have to fulfill? And do there exist gate sets that are of neither kind, i.e. that are capable of a computational power between classical and quantum?

Contact Person:

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