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Group Meeting Hanover-Munich


This informal meeting between the quantum information groups of TU Munich and Leibniz University Hanover is intended to introduce current research topics from both groups and enhance collaboration.

Date: The meeting takes place from 01.09.2014 until 05.09.14.

Location: Institute for Theoretical Physics, Appelstraße 2, 30167 Hannover.

For any further information please contact Florian Richter.



  • Talk 1: Pieter Naaijkens, Operator algebras and topological quantum phases
  • Talk 2: Michael Kech, Measurements and Topology
  • Talk 3: Bernhard Neukirchen, cMPS as a continuous time limit of FCS
  • Talk 4: Alexander Muller-Hermes, Tensor-stable positive maps in quantum information theory
  • Talk 5: David Reeb, Combating noise in continuous time
  • Talk 6: Dr. Cedric Beny, Distinguishability of Quantum Field States
  • Talk 7: Daniel Stilck-Franca, Log-Sobolev inequalities for unital channels
  • Talk 8: Martin Idel, Normal forms of Sinkhorn type

Cycling Tour

If the weather is fine there will be a cycling tour to the Gravitational Wave Detector GEO600. The route is depicted in the following map

There is the possibility to rent a bike for a fee of 7,50 Eur for the whole day. At GEO600 we will get some guided tour through the labs. To get back to the institute we can cycle again or take the tram.


A description of how to find us is here.

Group Photo


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